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News from January, 2017

LTO-8 development continues at a pace

LTO-8 development continues at a pace

20 January 2017

“We’re talking about the continuing progress of the LTO format, having released version LTO-7, and we are now working on LTO-8,”

Why Oracle DIVA?

Why Oracle DIVA?

16 January 2017

Creating, archiving, and monetizing content is your business. Perfecting that process for today and the future is Oracle DIVArchive.

Oracle StorageTek Tape Libraries with Non-Disruptive Scalability

Oracle StorageTek Tape Libraries with...

07 January 2017

As a certified Oracle StorageTek Tape Library Specialist, PMD Magnetics offer a complete range of Oracle StorageTek data management solutions.

Why organisations need LTO7 Ultrium Tape Technology today

Why organisations need LTO7 Ultrium Tape...

01 January 2017

Fuji LTO7 Ultrium Data Tape with 15TB is now available. With speeds of up to 750MB/second, the transfer rates on LTO7 are impressively...