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Unitrends Spanning Backup for G Suite
Unitrends Spanning Backup for G Suite


Spanning Backup for G Suite Data Sheet
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Spanning Backup for G Suite

  • Minimizes risk of data loss in the cloud
  • Assures data availability Meets audit requirements for backup and recovery
  • Offloads IT by empowering users to easily restore lost data


Enterprise-grade automatic, daily backup and recovery for Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts, and Sites including:

  • Automated and on-demand backup
  • Easy-to-use search and granular recovery, including cross-user
  • Advanced administration tools
  • Complete status monitoring
  • Industry-leading security with optional Dark Web monitoring


Balancing Collaboration and Control

You’ve made the move to G Suite in pursuit of greater collaboration capabilities, increased productivity, and less IT maintenance.

While your organization needs to be more collaborative and productive, your data needs to be protected to ensure business continuity and to meet compliance demands for protecting cloud data.

Now you need to ensure you are protecting your critical data from loss due to accidental deletion, sync errors, malicious insiders and hacking.

Business best practice guidelines include automated backup and recovery for your data, which Google doesn’t provide. When data is deleted from Google, it is deleted forever. Google has no ability to recover the lost data for your organization if the deletion happens on your end and not theirs.

That’s where Spanning Backup for G Suite comes in

Spanning Backup is the most reliable, most trusted, highest-rated G Suite data backup and recovery solution on the G Suite Marketplace. It enables automated daily and on-demand backups that ensure that all historical versions of your G Suite data are safely stored and easily recoverable.

Thousands of customers around the world, including enterprise organizations, have turned to Spanning to protect their G Suite data in Gmail, Drive, Team Drives, Sites, Calendars and Contacts.

Spanning Backup for G Suite makes protecting your organization’s G Suite data effortless. It provides the most accurate, granular data restoration for any point in time. With Spanning, both administrators and users can restore data exactly how it was—reducing the risks from accidental or malicious data loss, even ransomware—to meet even the fastest RTOs.

With Spanning Backup for G Suite, you gain real insight into your G Suite data integrity with full administrative control over your backup and restore processes. And no worries about running out of storage space; all Spanning accounts receive unlimited backup storage.