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AvePoint Azure Backup
AvePoint Azure Backup

Cloud Backup for Azure
Flexible backup. Easy granular restore.

Protect your groups, users and business-critical application configurations beyond the 30-day soft delete window. Flexible backup and restore of your Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Storage all within AvePoint Online Services.


Your Data. Your Responsibility.

Access management is the responsibility of the user. Business leaders must understand their exposure, the gaps that exist, and where they fit in Microsoft’s shared responsibility model.

Azure Active Directory is the identification layer that interacts with Microsoft 365, most enterprise application registrations, and conditional access policies. However, there's no native Microsoft backup solution. In hybrid organizations, Azure Active Directory, cloud-only groups, roles, or user accounts are not covered by an on-prem backup solution.

A dedicated backup solution extends an organization's ability to recover objects and mitigate risk to ensure business continuity.

Worry-free protection

Automatic backups and retain 100% of your data for as long as you need.

Comprehensive Restore

Recover quickly with time-or object-based restores. Easily compare backups to ensure you're restoring the correct files.

Backup on Your Terms

Choose to securely store your data in our scalable Azure storage or your private cloud.

Accidents Will Happen. Protect Your Business-Critical Application Configurations.

The rapid shift to the cloud has made our digital data more important than ever. We know a data protection strategy is critical, but how does your organization plan for worst-case scenarios?

AvePoint's Multi-Saas Backup solutions enable teams to understand how long it would take to recover from an outage and how to manage specific data to ensure that business continuity plans are better rehearsed. A backup solution that can serve as a single pane of glass across multiple SaaS platforms is crucial to enterprises that utilize a multi-cloud strategy.

Flexible granular restore

On-demand, granular recovery of Azure Active Directory, Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Blobs/File Storage.

Point-in-time restore

Recover quickly with time-or object-based restores. Easily compare backups to ensure you're restoring the correct files.

Status monitoring dashboard

Central command dashboard summarizes backup and restore details of latest jobs, backup scopes, and frequency.

Better Together. Microsoft Office 365 & Azure Cloud Backup

Protect Critical Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 covers service disruptions, but good luck recovering lost, deleted, or corrupt content, especially past recycle bin or backup windows! Cloud Backup makes the best of a worst-case scenario. Whether it’s user error, an outage, or a ransomware attack—AvePoint's got your back(up).