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AvePoint Opus
AvePoint Opus

AvePoint Opus - Next-Level Information Lifecycle

Powered by Advanced AI

Good business is based on good information. AvePoint Opus is the better decision for the next generation of information lifecycle solutions allowing you to have complete control from creation, to archive or defensible disposal, all through a central interface.


Don’t just manage your information, command it

Organizations worldwide have moved to the cloud in pursuit of digital collaboration, IT agility, and on-the-go access. But the digital workplace inherently leads to content sprawl, which brings with it greater exposure to risk, increased compliance challenges, and rising storage costs. No matter where you are in your journey to the cloud, a comprehensive information management strategy, including automatic data classification powered by AI, is critical to achieving operational efficiency and compliance.

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Your information is an asset. Turn it into an advantage

Improve access and accuracy

Manage information lifecycles, not end users

You’ve got information everywhere, AvePoint's got SaaS solutions. Easily automate business rules to manage your entire information lifecycle—from creation and classification archiving or disposal. Control your content from a centralized command center, managing electronic content, SharePoint on-premises, Exchange Online, social media, file or other connected systems directly alongside physical records.

Apply information classification directly to content automatically, with no need for end-user involvement through different methods, including advanced AI.

Oversee information outcomes, report on all actions performed, and manage a classification scheme or taxonomy.

Manage information lifecycles and associate outcomes with business rules to remove, retain, archive, or destroy content.

Decrease storage spend

Is your data storage spend reaching a record high?

Many organizations have seen their data volume grow significantly in recent years as organizations adopted collaboration solutions, remote work became the norm, and users regularly work across multiple devices and systems. Reduce data storage costs and mitigate potential overage fees applying automated rules to move your content to cheaper storage, while maintaining full oversight and management.

Apply default retention and disposal outcomes to records based on business-defined criteria.

Implement storage tiers to move content based on time or metadata-based triggers to optimize storage utilization.

Maintain oversight with built-in reporting and auditing.

AvePoint's got you covered

Ensure compliance with regulatory or organizational standards with oversight of content in both active and inactive states

Reviewed and certified by leading global authorities, AvePoint Opus is built to achieve compliance with your company’s own policies as well as rapidly changing regulatory requirements at the local, state, and federal level. Rest easy knowing that you’re not holding on to too much—or too little—information, which means less risk of fines, brand injury, loss of assets, litigation, and exposure.

Classify content accurately and automatically, allowing proper lifecycle policies to be followed.

Dispose of unnecessary content – whether active or inactive – in a defensible way.

Advanced search makes finding information for access requests quick and easy.

Manage information, not end users

Automatic data classification powered by AI

With automated classification, powered by advanced machine learning models, data classification is accurate and consistent – without burdening end users or admins. Plus, AI not only makes data managers more efficient but enhances scalability as well. With no need for employees to spend time searching for data or re-creating content that can’t be found, you’ll see productivity gains and a better user experience.

Intelligent content classification in weeks, as opposed to years if done manually.

Remove traditional information management tasks from end users and empower them to find information quickly.

Save content easily and efficiently with Office and email integration tools.

Prove progress

Keep an eye on your content with built-in reporting

Streamline your information management with a single-pane-of-glass solution that manages electronic and physical content from a simple, intuitive interface. Get quick answers to top-of-mind questions through a graphical dashboard that’s designed for Information Managers, by Information Managers. Enable security-trimmed search results and reporting with delegated administration.

Centralized dashboard gives you greater transparency and control.

Proactively monitor user actions with out-of-the-box reporting, and interrogate audit trails.

Control admin oversight with role-based access and security trimming of content repositories.

Prove your value with storage optimization reports showing exactly how much has been saved by moving data to cheaper storage.


Right-Sizing Teams Management and Security

AvePoint Opus is purpose-built to assist organizations in meeting global regulatory requirements, from international standards to local legislation and laws, as well as your company’s own policies. Backed by AvePoint’s powerful security and governance framework, it takes the guesswork out of keeping up with the ever-changing compliance landscape.

National Archives and Records Administration (US)

AvePoint Opus is certified compliant for NARA's Federal Electronic Records Management Initiative (FERMI) and available as part of GSA arrangements

Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP)(AUS)

AvePoint have had their AOS platform IRAP assessed including AvePoint Opus to an official level making it easier for departments to onboard their solutions with confidence that they meet a high-security standard.

Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS)(AUS)

The Public Office of Victoria (PROV) has certified that government agencies and enterprise customers alike can leverage AvePoint Opus and has deemed it a VERS compliant solution.


Inspired information management, no matter the industry

While some may think that information management is only business-critical for regulated entities, in fact, an advanced information management strategy is a universal need. Smart and scalable, AvePoint Opus easily adapts to your industry-specific requirements. Maintain oversight with built-in reporting and auditing, all from the SaaS application.


Industries subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation must comply with the FDA’s Part 11 Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures – Scope and Application, which provides clear requirements for records and information management. Take control of your data with audit trails, data retention, and ongoing oversight.


International standards like ISO 90001 and ISO 27001 contain requirements relating to information management. From capture and classification to defensible disposal, AvePoint Opus helps you meet your requirements.

Financial Services

Subject to stringent information management regulations set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), FinServ entities can take control of their compliance activities with AvePoint Opus.


Governments around the world have a responsibility to create, maintain, and keep data of long-term value. Meet those information management requirements with a solution tailored to your specific needs.


Educational institutions typically follow their local government’s relevant information management protocols, with some jurisdictions having sector-specific requirements. Built with flexibility in mind, AvePoint Opus empowers you to meet your challenges in a way that works for you.


Energy regulations can vary widely, including standards published by entities such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). Customize AvePoint Opus to suit your compliance requirements.


Make your information work for you

With AvePoint Opus, manage your information strategy, not your end users. The solution empowers information managers to make better use of their time and expertise by simplifying the management of data lifecycle and storage. Tackle compliance, data overload, and inconsistent classifications with streamlined information lifecycles, from classification and storage to retention and disposal, so you can make your information work for you.


Manage a classification scheme or file plan, or apply multiple rules to a single classification and set term expiration.


Take control of your ever-growing content with cost-saving controls. Custom dashboards provide clear visibility into your saved costs and archived content details.


Build business rules to manage an information lifecycle. Use action or date-based triggers or metadata to drive rules.


Delete, retain, declare, or export content based on business rules. Configurable rules will automatically react.


Manage outcomes with built-in reporting. Dashboards display number of managed items, destroyed records, outstanding tasks, and more.


Interrogate audit trails of actions performed on an item, or by a specific user to ensure and document record integrity.


Use advanced machine learning models to automatically classify your content, enabling efficient organization and bulk identification in M365.


Delegate permissions to defined users with different content repository management access based on business requirements.