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Barracuda Phishing and Impersonation Protection
Barracuda Phishing and Impersonation Protection

Phishing and Impersonation Protection

Get AI-based protection from phishing and business email compromise.

74% of organizations have fallen victim to a phishing attack.

Targeted attacks with no malicious payload use social engineering to bypass email gateways. Barracuda Email Protection prevents these attacks and protects your business and data.


Stop phishing and impersonation email attacks in real time.

Get direct integration with Office 365 to prevent personalized fraud attacks that traditional email gateways cannot detect in real time.

Outsmart targeted attacks with AI-based threat detection.

Secure your inboxes with an intelligent defense that learns your environment and detects social engineering attacks and messages sent with malicious intent.

Protect every employee in your organization.

Don’t focus your phishing protection on just high-risk individuals. Unlike other providers, Barracuda does not limit how many users can be protected from impersonation.

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Detect threats that email gateways can’t.

Email attacks have been increasing in their complexity and ability to evade traditional defences. Phishing and impersonation attacks use customized social engineering tactics to trick your email users into providing credentials, paying an invoice, or sharing sensitive documents. Barracuda outsmarts these targeted attacks by recognizing the malicious intent of these messages. Barracuda phishing and impersonation protection works silently in the background to block attacks from reaching their intended targets.

Stop spear-phishing attacks with AI-driven inbox security.

Barracuda combines an email gateway with direct API integration into your Office 365 environment. This integration provides visibility into internal, external, and historical email communication for every individual in the organization. Barracuda’s artificial intelligence (AI) uses these messages to learn communication patterns within the company and between employees. The API architecture enables the phishing and impersonation protection to identify and block attacks in real time, with no impact on email or network performance.

Identify impersonation attempts before they reach your users.

Barracuda AI uses the metadata from internal, external, and historical emails to create an identity graph for each Office 365 user. The identity graph uses email addresses, document types, names used, natural language analysis (NLP), and other data that define the unique communication patterns of an individual. These learned patterns allow Barracuda to identify behavioural, content, and link-forwarding anomalies in your company’s email communications. This real-time protection secures your inbox from spear phishing, business email compromise, lateral phishing, and other targeted threats.

Remove malicious messages and impersonation attempts in real time.

Barracuda Phishing and Impersonation Protection is unique in that it is continuously hunting for threats and automatically secures the inbox upon threat detection. When an unusual or malicious email is found, it is removed from the inbox before the user can interact with the message. Remediation is done in real time, with notification alerts sent to both users and IT administrators.

Email Protection

Phishing and Impersonation Protection are included in Barracuda Email Protection.

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