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World Backup Day - What would you do ...

World Backup Day - What would you do ...

… if you lost everything?

March 31 is World Backup Day, an annual reminder that data needs to be protected from things like malware, hardware failures, and human error.

Failure to backup

It's a simple concept but one that is often overlooked: Data can be lost quickly, easily, and without any fanfare or reason to notice that it's missing or inaccessible. Despite the importance of their data, many companies do not have a comprehensive backup strategy in place. This can be attributed to a handful of very human factors:

  • The assumption that a catastrophic event “will never happen to me”
  • Inattention to recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives
  • Confidence in a single, on-site copy of critical data as a complete backup method
  • Failure to conduct ‘fire drills' and other tests of the backup system
  • Incomplete backup strategies that fail to protect operating systems, SaaS data, and other mission-critical data
  • Prioritizing security and other technology or IT initiatives over data backup
  • Any one of these backup failures can be painful, and a combination of them can be fatal to a business. If any of these factors are present in your business, you should address it immediately.

How World Backup Day can help you

Even those companies who have created a comprehensive backup and data protection strategy are vulnerable if they haven't deployed and fully tested their plans. While most of us know that every day should be backup day, the annual World Backup Day helps us kick start some conversations around this topic. If you need some assistance communicating the importance of data backup, visit the World Backup Day website. They have several resources to help you convince your friends, family, and coworkers.

How Barracuda can help you

While World Backup Day considers data backup to be “a second copy of all your important files” that you store “somewhere safe,” Barracuda approaches it from the perspective of data protection. A complete security solution has multiple layers of defence, including data backups that are current, comprehensive, and accessible. Barracuda Backup is an easy and cost-effective backup solution with several deployment options. Find out more and request a free 30-day trial at our site here.